About us

Gisella Paccoi

Naturalist, journalist, writer.

In the first stage of my life, I gained a degree in Natural Sciences and I worked as environmental educator, helping groups of all the ages to discover the beauty and the problems of the nature - especially in the Riserva Statale "Litorale Romano".

In the meantime, I worked with the Messaggero newspaper (Umbria editorial staff). I especially wrote about the "green" and the popular traditions.

Then, my trips to Denmark started, and I headed towards a second stage of my life as Italian teacher for "seniors". From teaching to writing textbooks the step was short. Founding the publisher house was the cherry on top.

At the moment I'm following a new road, the writing one. I reached the final in many competitions and I won the first prize in "Parole Green" contest.  

It doesn't end here...

Massimo Scudo

My debut in the working world was with computers: I still remember the rooms full of calculators and the technicians with lab coats. 

I worked as analyst for a while, until a unique chance happened: to sail around the world. Of course I took the opportunity! My love for the sea and the travels was not born that day, but it grew and grew. 

I reinvented myself many times: I wore the role of programmer, skipper, pizza-maker, shopkeeper... around the world.

My role, in the publisher house, is to deal with what must be "put in order" (layout, website...) and I proofread the texts. In the meantime, I teach Italian too - especially through the gesture and the body language!