Via Libera series

Everything you need to learn Italian

Let's start with six textbooks (named "Via Libera") to cover all the study levels, from beginner (A1) to expert (C2). Aside these books you'll find easy reading books for beginners ("Pensieri dal finestrino", "Racconti dal finestrino") and for intermediate levels ("Quattro racconti brevi"), each one of them with exercises and audiofiles. Expert students can use the "guided reading" books, especially those located in one Italian region (at the moment there are "Pecio il guerriero", located in Abruzzo; "Garibaldi a Ischia", located in Campania and "Coscienza d'acqua", located in Umbria).

Let's proceed and find a geography book ("20 Rægioni"): region by region (rigorously in alphabetical order, we don't want to be unfair to anyone) we lead you around the small Italian villages and we offer you a page of literature that's been written by someone who was born in that region or lived in it. 

After geography there comes history ("Eva nella storia", issues 1 and 2): we're not going to tell you about battles, alliances and invasions, but we wish to tell you about the historical periods from "her" point of view. You'll find descriptions of the society, the fashon, the food, the theatre and the music. 

Do you miss the homeworks during your summer or winter holidays? No problem: we've also the "holidays books" ("Via Libera sotto l'ombrellone" - levels 1 and 2 - and "Via Libera sotto l'albero"). Few exercises of listening, comprehension and fun. 

This is Pescara river, the place where a section of "Pecio il guerriero" tale takes place. Our "guided reading" books are aimed to expert readers who can have fun following the story and, at the same time, they can apprecciate the annotations that explain the most difficult words and that underline some interesting aspects of the area, to that you can visit them as tourist. 

Our textbooks are aimed to grown up people, who can surely esteem to receive info about typical dishes to try and wines to go together best with them. Each once in a while, you can find recipes, food curiosities, suggestions about artcraft pieces that you can't miss when you visit the less famous (but still beautiful) villages that Italy is so rich of.