The Italian language, with ease

We are convinced that studying Italian is just like drinking coffee: each one of us has its own taste and its own way. We have a series of textbooks that's especially suited for elderly students, those who must deal with shortage of free time and a special kind of memory that must be cuddled. 

In our shelves there are also travel books and short stories, novels and tales of different levels of difficulty. Please: come in, and take a look. 


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Our series

Six textbooks dedicated to the "seniors" who wish to study Italian. Together with them there are small books suggesting conversations and guided-reading tales for beginners and experts. There's more than what you may imagine! 

Usually, the aim of those who study Italian is to go on holiday in Italy. Is it yours too? Here you can find suggestions about the small, beautiful towns to visit, region by region. There are some of our photobooks of our travels, with some comments.

Short stories, novellas and novels. Paperback books to have them always with you as faithful companions to kill some time or during relax time. There's a lot, for all the tastes: we can only invite you to come and give a look. 

Dreaming about a customized textbook?

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