Piccoli passi series

The beginning of each trip

"Each long trip starts with a baby step", the wise man says. We want to invite you to walk with us along the many kilometers that we've made to choose the places to suggest (places that you can find, for example, in our book named "20 Raegioni"). No, it's not a misprint: the name of the book is exactly that, to distinguish it from its (almost) homonymous that can be found in "Via Libera" series. One contains grammar and exercises, the other doesn't. 

"Every time that you feel like judging someone, walk in his shoes for three months first", says another adage. Our suggestion is to take it easier. You don't need to walk, when you can read our book named "49 esperienze da fare in Italia (per capire gli italiani)"! Don't forget that it's mostly to have fun. 

We're travellers as well, and no trip can be called so if there are no pictures. We select the best and put them into travel books, explaining and commenting them in a literary way. 

Our trips are always very keen on leaving the smallest footstep possible and to catch the beauty of the nature in all its shapes, always respecting it. 

We travel to broaden our horizons, to open our minds, to meet new people, to test new places to suggest you... and to find suitable scenaries for our tales.